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Quick Actions For Equity In Early Childhood Education

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How many children in your neighborhood live in food-insecure households?


Maybe more children than you realize.

With schools closing to slow the progression of Covid 19, students who rely on school meals are struggling.


Find your local food bank and donate $5 to kids in your community.

As a kid, school lunch was often my only full meal each day.

Despite living in one of the most affluent and expensive cities in the US, 11% of the school children in our neighborhood live in food-insecure households. It’s not something you might know about your neighbors. School shut downs are disproportionately impacting families like the one I grew up in, who rely on school meals.


My kids have enough food on the table. So for this month’s quick action, our family is making a $50 contribution to our local food bank to help our neighbors, and another $50 to a state-wide rapid-response hunger initiative – in addition to our other monthly contributions.


I rely on supporters like you to run Raising Luminaries. $100 is over 4% percent of my monthly income. But we have to model generosity for our kids even when it feels like we don’t have much to give.


Let us know in our Community Facebook group – What are you doing to support students in your community?

Head Custodian of Cahoots,
Raising Luminaries & The Student Ignition Society

Ashia Ray Raising Luminaries

Search for your local food bank &

send $5 to feed kids in your community.

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